Saturday Birds of a Feather Lunch Discussions

As a special event during Saturday lunchtime, Construct3D opens up a few conference rooms for informal topic-driven Birds of a Feather sessions. Educators are encouraged to gather for ad hoc conversations on topics of their choosing.

Have a topic you’d love to spend lunch discussing with fellow educators? Propose your topic on the Construct3D Slack account in the “#saturday-bof” channel. Topics that gain the greatest traction by October 3rd will be candidates to add into the online schedule as highlighted topics. And even those exciting about a topic not scheduled into official conference rooms are encouraged to rally the other interested educators to meet in any of the available nooks and crannies around the conference hotel.

Need inspiration?  What about Space Sciences, a 3DP Educator Book Club, and a tips & tricks swap around Preventative Maintenance. What are you excited about?