Keepsake Design Challenge

Last year Queens College math professor Chris Hanusa designed Holey Cylinder with Mathematica. His tea lights decorated our tables during the Saturday evening event and all conference attendees had the opportunity to take one of the prints as an event keepsake. We also created promotional cards to accompany the model. The card commemorated the event and provided insight into how the model was created.

We are now inviting you to submit your tea light solution to compete to be this year’s Construct3D keepsake designer.


Basic requirements:

  1. All design submissions must be downloadable for free and available on at least one online repository (YouMagineThingiverseMyMiniFactoryPinshape, etc)
  2. All designs must incorporate one of the following LED tea lights (please indicate which tea light your design incorporates):
    • Tea light 1:    Diameter x Height) or 1.4”x 1.25”
    • Tea light 2:  37x40mm (Diameter x Height) or 1.45”x 1.57”
  3. Your design must be 3D printable in under three hours on an FFF/FDM machine with 0.4mm nozzle using a 0.2mm layer height.
  4. Your model must be able to be printed with no supports.
  5. You must provide a description of how your design was made and this must fit on a postcard. See the example above for length requirements. You are encouraged to provide links to webpages to provide additional information.
  6. You must test print your model prior to submission, and include a photo of your successful print. Bonus points for including slicing information and print times.
  7. You may submit multiple solutions.
  8. This year’s featured tea light designer will get extra copies of the promotional postcards and a whole lot of love from the Construct3D Steering Committee and attendees!
  9. It’s up to you what to design, but here are some suggestions that might get you inspired:
    • Demonstrate a connection to Atlanta or Georgia
    • Make something related to local flora
    • Reference Construct3D logo/designs
    • Create something educational/MakerED
    • Use code/math/generative design
    • Connect to any of the keynotes (biomimicry, geometry, etc)
  10. All designs must be submitted by July 30, 2018.

To enter, satisfy the requirements above and complete this formGood luck!