I felt like the conference was made just for me. Had a great time and learned a lot.

Daniel Phelps, York College CUNY

I am thoroughly impressed with the variety of ideas and approaches to 3D printing. I'm excited to take back these ideas into my classroom.

— Young Kim, Hewitt School

I learned so much from each session – from the incredible research being done at the MIT Self-Assembly Lab, to the inspiring work done by students at local high schools in the Durham area (and everything in between!).

Dylan Romero, Makers Lab Manager, UCSF Library


Thank you again for a truly inspiring and exciting weekend! It was really nice to meet with so many like-minded individuals and validate a lot of the work I’ve put in over the past few years. The conversations in and out of the sessions were very productive. It feels like we’re still on the ground floor of some amazing stuff, and I was so impressed with many of the presenters. Thank you for setting it up, and making it as interesting and enjoyable as it was.

Paul Schmitz, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

Fantastic conference, thank you for the opportunity. So great to meet fellow pioneers. I learned so much from each you! Can't wait to get started on new projects for my classes thanks to each of you and the excellent presenters at Construct3D. 

Kristen Schreck, Saint Xavier University



Such an awesome weekend!

— Brian Wetzel, Centerburg High School

“What a terrific conference! It was a tremendous time of learning, getting inspired, and networking with peers.

Derek Eggers