2017 Keynote Speakers 

  • Dale Dougherty, CEO of Maker Media, who kicked off the event with the introductory Informal Education keynote sharing about his role in founding the Maker Movement and the opportunities he sees at hand for the future of education, including strategies educators can use to deeply engage and transform the experience of students.

  • Skylar Tibbits, founder and co-director of MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, who delivered the conference Higher Ed Keynote speech, wowing audience with the progress of his research lab into programming structure, behavior, and information into materials themselves, promising a future in which medical devices, furniture, buildings, and manufacturing facilities might be produced as emergent structures coded into smart materials.

  • Sallye Coyle of ShopBot and Duke’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute delivered the closing keynote—focusing on K-12 education, delving into the 21st century reinvention of “shop class”, and the importance of encouraging students and teachers alike to work with tools that deepen engagement and enhance creativity. Coyle’s extensive experience in STEAM education and her role in outfitting and constructing in-school and community makerspaces world-over provided attendees with a valuable look at the ingenuity that comes from experimentation and discovery made possible by access to and training with digital fabrication tools.