Haptic Education: 3D printing for education of the visually impaired by Ruben Brandsma

The Fabrication, Assembly, and Evaluation of Open Source Prosthetics by Eric Bubar and Tanya Lerch

Impacting Product Development Through Additive Manufacturing by Stacey M DelVecchio

Teaching 3D: Developing learning- by-doing experiences by Sara Gonzalez & Jean Bossart University of Florida

Guiding and Grading Mathematical Art by Chris Hanusa

Drawing the Art out of Objects by Jonathan Hils

Increasing Access Fabrication Success in the K-8 classroom by Brandy Jackson

Design for Rapid Prototyping: A Review of Design for Additive Manufacturing Literature for Applications in Makerspaces by Amit Jariwala, Thomas Spencer, and Auston Ferrarer

Out of Hand: Authorship and Robotics in Additive Manufacturing by James Kerestes

3D Printing Collaboration Experiences in the Arts & Sciences by Greg Kent, Alex Larson and Kristen Schreck

Career Paths of the Future by Rosanne Kramer

3D PrintStrong By Alex Larson

Digital Sculpting for CNC and 3D Printing by McArthur Freeman, II

STE(A)M Truck- a possible solution for increasing access to opportunity  by Jason Martin

Tech-cessibility: Design & instruction of 3D-technologies for non-engineer minds by Jade Myers


CAD/CAM Tillamook High School Robotics by Mark Roberts

How to manage students, 3D printers and data at scale by Aaron Roy

Everything Changes How Duke University Tracks and Shares Evolving 3D Printed Designs using makeSEA by Chris Stavros and Chip Bobbert

3D Printing Benefits for the Art Room by Laura Roth and Chris Sweeney

Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing Henry Segerman

Liberal Arts Math in 3D Laura Taalman

How to Train Your Teachers by April Whitehead

Computerized Clay: Digital Sculpting by April Whitehead

3D Printing for Rockets and Robotics by Brad Whitehead

Photos from Construct3D 2018 can be found at Dropevent.